Genting Hotel Genting Highland Pahang Malaysia

Address : Genting Highlands, 69000, Pahang
Tel: (603) 6101 1118
Fax: (603) 6101 1888
Rating :

Centrally located at the peak and in the midst of the activities, the Genting hotel is the premier hotel for visitors at the resort. The hotel is distinguishable from the other hotels from the round observation deck and the red Genting logo on the top. Not that it matters, as most walking will be done indoors where ample signages exists.

The Deluxe rooms face out to the either the theme park or carpark.In most evenings, a strong cloud cover descends and visibility is very magically transformed to a winter scene. The rooms are especially large with all amenities are in keeping with a 5 star property.

This is the playground of Malaysia and it can be said that no visit to Malaysia is complete without a trip to the Genting Highlands Resort. There is something for everybody here and there is no reason not to visit. A mere 45 minutes from Kuala Lumpur, transport is readily available thru GTA or the hotels. The Genting Hotel is the best hotel on the hill and is of a very high standard (the Highland Hotel is reserved for casino members only).The cool hill environment is a quick getaway from the heat and humidity of the city.