Brazil Nut Trees and Nuts At Forest Research Institute Malaysia (FRIM)

Brazil Nut is not like its name, not from the bean family. Brazil Nut Family Tree is from Ericales like cranberries and bluebarry.

Brazil Nut trees are tall and big. The fruits are hard and not easy to be break. Please refer to the picture below.

Brazil Nut

Brazil Nut

If you are interested to see the Brazil Nut trees, please visit the Forest Research Institute Malaysia (FRIM). FRIM is Malaysian forestry research center and the famous tropical forest research center in the world. Vast forest reserve area planted with various trees for study and research. Give your support to FRIM in maintaining forest research by visiting the official website of FRIM

Facilities such as canopy walkway, camping sites, nature trails and other attractions. And do not forget to ask about the Brazil Nut trees.