Kl Sentral Kuala Lumpur Malaysia

KL Sentral

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KL Sentral is being developed as a futuristic self-contained city, providing the perfect live, work and play environment. Office towers, condominiums, hotels, restaurants, retail malls and entertainment and leisure centres are all walking distance from each other within the 72 acres that is KL Sentral. Adding to this, the transport facilities offered are on par with the best the world over. Not only is Stesen Sentral the country’s rail transport nucleus, and an extension of the KLIA, but road access to KL Sentral has been carefully thought out so as to offer the highest convenience to motorists entering and leaving the development.

KL Sentral supports fully the vision of the KL Structure Plan 2020, namely creating a metropolis that is efficient, harmonious and spiritually inspiring. Blending cutting-edge technology with soothing surrounds, KL Sentral offers a fine, and rare, balance between fast-paced urban living and the very human need for leisure, relaxation and comfort. It is a place where you can truly exercise your body, mind and soul. But KL Sentral is more than a development that seeks to improve the quality of life of Malaysians. It is also a prominent landmark in our evolving city that symbolises national pride and prestige.

KL Sentral is being developed in phases, and is expected to be completed by the year 2012.