Visit Malaysia Year 2007

Visit Malaysia 2007

Malaysia will celebrate 50 years of independence in 2007. As Malaysian we want to be part of the campaign to introduced Malaysia and promote visit Malaysia Year 2007 in the Internet.

Visit link below for more information about Malaysia

What we can do as Malaysian to promote visit Malaysia year 2007 and Malaysia, here a few sugestion

(1) Add your email Footer with

Visit Malaysia Year 2007

(2) Put in banner visit Malaysia year 2007 in your blog or website. Banner examples can be found and link your banner to

(3) Put in your Friendster, myspace and more about Visit Malaysia Year 2007.

(4) Send ecard, email and sms to friends by visiting this site.
From there website

Welcome to the Visit Malaysia Cyber Campaign 2007

Those who know Malaysia, love Malaysia - why? Experience Malaysia’s sights and sounds for yourself and don’t just see what WE say, read or watch what some of our visitors say about Malaysia!

Malaysia is celebrating it’s 50th birthday in 2007 and plans to party all year round! What is a party without friends, new and old, so come on over and join us - invite your friends.

More information about places in Malaysia

Thank you.
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