Dazzling Malaysian Holidays - Part I

If you're planning on a holiday in Malaysia this year, you'll very likely enter a stunning country which is home to spectacular mosques, well-made green spaces and modern skyscrapers. With Kuala Lumpur as its appealing capital, this vibrant country has it all to attract you to it every year.

The following are some of Malaysia's famous attractions which should not be missed by any tourist who wants to explore the true Malaysia.

Batu Caves

This tourist's attraction draws a huge number of tourists and visitors holidaying in Malaysia. The caves can prove to be quite an experience especially during the Thiapusam festival.

Petronas towers

Petronas towers are a highly popular tourist attraction visited by a large number of tourists and visitors every year. Located in the heart of Kuala Lumpur, these are twin towers with an amazing structure that leaves many awestruck. A visit to Malaysia is always considered incomplete without seeing the Petronas twin towers. The sky bridge also presents a view worth capturing during your Malaysian holiday.

Mount Kinabalu

Located in the Borneo region of Malaysia, this tourist attraction is bound to get you enthralled with the beauty and the scenery offered by Mount Kinabalu. When on a holiday in Malaysia, mount Kinabalu acts as a great way to be able to spend some quality time with the family.

Terengganu state museum

For a great Malaysian holiday you must not miss the famous national museum of Malaysia. The museum is not just house to remarkable collections or artifacts, but is also known to be largest museum in whole of Southeast Asia. The museum has rich architectural value and holds different archaeological findings.

Langkawi Island

This island is rich in picturesque views, scenic beauty and Malaysian culture. When holidaying in Malaysia, make sure you visit this huge island for its view, history, beauty, and folklore.

Taman Negara National park

When on a Malaysian holiday with family, you must visit the world's oldest jungle, spread over an area of 443 square kilometers. The park is a popular tourist attraction and has a lot of green, dense tropical rainforest.

Wayang Kulit

A remarkable shadow-puppet theatre, Wayang Kulit offers rich Malaysian culture and theater art to those holidaying in Malaysia. Best time to visit or holiday in Malaysia

Malaysia is rich with charming beauty and striking tourists attractions and can be visited throughout the year for a memorable Malaysian holiday, but from a tourism point of view the best time to visit would be the months from May to September.